Compare RTMP Hosting Types

 Hosting Type
Wowza SE
Wowza SE
Plans RTMP Host WebRTC Host
Stream Only
WebRTC Host
Wowza SE Plans Red5 VPS Red5 Dedicated Wowza SE  Dedicated
Starting Price  $9 $35 $50 $50 $60 $250  $300
Setup Time 1-2 days 1-2 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 2-5 days 3-7 days 3-7 days
Starting Bandwidth/Mo 1000 Gb 2000 Gb 2000 Gb +
1000 Gb web
2000 Gb Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Bitrate Limit Variable Variable Variable Unlimited*  100 Mbps*  1000 Mbps*  1000 Mbps*
Users Limit Variable Variable Variable Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
WebRTC (HTML5) No  Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
RTMP (Flash) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Streaming Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
HTML5 Streaming No Yes* Yes Yes No No Yes
Video Chat Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
HTML5 Videochat No Yes* Yes Yes No No Yes
Video Recording No No Yes Yes  NR NR Yes
HLS, MPEG DASH No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
RTSP No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
24/7 IP Camera No No Yes Yes  No No Yes
Playlists Schedule No No Yes Yes  No  No  Yes
Video On Demand (VOD) No No Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Custom RTMP Apps No No No No Yes  Yes Yes
RTMP Session Control
(WebRTC, OBS, GoCoder)
No Yes Yes Yes  No No   Yes
Upload Detection RTMP Yes Yes Yes Yes  No No Yes
Web Hosting No No CPanel CPanel  Plesk WHM CPanel WHM CPanel
Stream Transcoding & Snapshots No No / external Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video Conversion & Snapshots No No / external Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Document Conversion No No / external Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Starting Storage Space No No 100 Gb 30 Gb 20 Gb 2x 2000 Gb 2x 2000 Gb
Dedicated IP No No Yes Yes Yes Multiple Multiple
HTTPS (SSL Certificate) No Yes (wss) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available Locations North America North America, Europe


  • * = WebRTC apps require FFMPEG with video codecs on web host to generate snapshots and stream analysis, transcoding. Also session control is required. Regular shared web hosting does not provide such video tools or capabilities, so complete plans are recommended.
  • NR = Not Recommended. Red5 can be used for recording/archiving but often produced skipped frames in our tests.
  • Plesk = Managed web hosting on VPS is available based on Plesk for 10 domains.
  • CPanel = Managed web hosting with a CPanel account. Higher plans allow multiple domains.
  • WHM CPanel = Host unlimited domains, cpanel accounts.
  • All hosting types include managed RTMP, meaning our staff manages installation and configuration of RTMP side.
  • No / External for video/stream conversions and snapshots require FFMPEG and involved codecs available on the 3rd party web hosting.
  • Unlimited* bitrate, users means there is no strict limit enforced for these plans. Plans are balanced depending on allocated monthly bitrate that should be used fluently for performance and reliability.
  • Unlimited* bandwidth per month can be used depending on available connecion.
  • 100Mbps*, 1000Mbps * connections should be balanced at half for best performance and reliability.
  • Hosting types based on Wowza Streaming Engine don’t involve extra Wowza licensing costs, because our servers are already licensed.
  • Video Conversion, VOD: Converting videos and transcoding requires site scripts to be deployed on included web hosting (use same server for web and rtmp).
    Managing archived videos requires web scripts (hosting) on same server with RTMP (where videos are saved). Web scripts need to access rtmp archived videos in same file system (on same server).
    This is required for Video Recorder to convert FLV videos to HTML5 MP4, Video Consultation or Video Messenger in presentation mode for adding video slides, importing and publishing streaming archives from all apps with Video Share VOD.
  • Document Conversion: Is used by some applications like Video Consultation to import documents like DOC, PDF, PPD as image slides in presentations. This require specific tools on web host like OpenOffice/LibreOffice, ImageMagick, Unoconv.
  • Playlists: Scheduling playlists requires web scripts  that generate playlists and videos (uploaded, recorded) on same server with Wowza rtmp, so it can play videos as live streams. RTMP needs to access web videos, playlist files in same file system (on same server).
    This is required in BroadcastLiveVideo, PaidVideochat solutions to setup playlists as live streams / virtual performers.
  • HTTPS is required by certain browsers (Chrome) to allow webcam publishing. More browsers may include this requirement in future updates.
  • Transcoding: Although video conversion capability on included web hosting allows converting streams, distributing these over HLS/MPEG dash requires Wowza rtmp server type.
  • External RTMP encoders (OBS, iOS/Android GoCoder, Wirecast): Can be used to broadcast live video to the RTMP address. RTMP streams can be played with a Flash rtmp player on site. Playback on mobile browsers requires transcoding and delivery as HTML5 HLS or WebRTC. For external RTMP broadcasts to show as live on site, RTMP Session Control is required (for RTMP server to notify web server of streaming sessions).
  • Hosting plans don’t include VideoWhisper software license – this must be ordered separately to run software in full mode.
  • Dedicated servers with 2x disks can be configured with SoftRaid for replication (recommended for speed and reliability) or all space can be used to maximize storage capacity.

Read more about RTMP Hosting Options. For more details and clarifications, contact us.

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