Application does not connect

  • Make sure you filled rtmp address correctly (copy, paste and make sure there are no spaces before or after the address string)
  • Check our demos to make sure it’s not a local / ISP firewall setting

Big latency (over 1s), interruptions

  • P2P should be disabled, for streaming to occur fluently trough streaming server.
    P2P can be used with good results in limited scenarios (when broadcaster has server grade connection and public IP or users are in same local network).
  • Do a speed test from broadcasting location to a location near streaming server (rtmp) using SpeedTest.Net.
    Drag and zoom to a server in North America (where our servers are located) and select it to test .
    Share with us the measurement link.
  •  If your ISP has limitations for international networks, our staff can also suggest a closer Red5 VPS.